Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day Quilt Finish

 I've now finished the top of
Sunshine On A Cloudy Day
and it's ready to be sent off to
Pat Roche (Pat's Just Quilting)
for the long arm quilting.
 If you look closely 
you can see all of this quilt is made up
Half Square Triangles
Pattern Design by 
Emily Bailey (Aunt Em's Quilts)
 I love how the placement of the 
half square triangles make up
the center block to be a 
pinwheel surrounded by a star.
 Using 5 inch Half Square Triangle paper
made each HST so accurate
that they quilt top went together fast.
 I used a variety of 
Kona Solids
 Sunshine On A Cloudy Day
pattern can be ordered from 
Triangles On A Roll

And one roll of the 5 inch 
Half Square Triangle paper
can also be ordered from
Triangles On A Roll

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Under A Red Moon

I just couldn't help myself.
I had to go outside to our backyard
in my pajamas
 at 12:30 a.m. Arizona time
to take pictures of this
Blood Moon
Did you know that we are experiencing part of a
Blood Moon Tetrad
meaning we will see a total of 
4 Lunar Eclipses
within the next 6 months.
So cool.
Our world is such an amazing place!
Why Red?
The moon's glow comes from 
Reflected light from the sun.
When the moon and Earth are in 
perfect alignment, the Moon becomes 
blanketed in the Earth's Shadow.
The red appears 
by capturing refracted light particles from the sky.

48 Turns 100 Quilt and More

 A few more pictures of my favorite quilts 
from the
Art of Quilting Show
at the Gilbert Historical Museum
 48 Turns 100
by Susie Seckel
machine pieced
hand appliqued
hand quilted
 Susie's quilt was made in honor
of the Centennial Celebration for the State of Arizona
 The words of the 
Pledge of Allegiance
The lyrics of the song "Arizona"
the Arizona State Motto are all 
hand quilted into the sashing.
 Carpentry Star Variation
Shown by Doris Farnsworth:
"I copied this quilt from an old quilt top
that my mother found in the attic
of a home in Illinois.
The old quilt top must have been
80-100 years old."
 I'm a little ruined now when I attend quilt shows.
I seem to always be on the hunt for designs 
that can be made with 
Triangles On A Roll
This one would be perfect!
Look at all those Half Square Triangles :)
 Rainbow Chin Cactus
by Cathy Hawthorn
Inspiration for this quilt came when Cathy saw
me give a demonstration for our
22.5 Degree Tri-Angle Sew and Fold paper
Triangles On A Roll
 She wrote:
"After piecing the triangles together,
I was reminded of Cactus thorns.  
I incorporated the flowered print panel
and quilted a floral motif over the top
to indicate a cactus flower."
Thanks for the Shout Out, Cathy!
The Pumpkin Patch
by Sigrid Strand
This was Sigrid's first experience 
with wool applique and wool dying
As an experiment, she used Kool Aid to dye the wool.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Art of Quilting Show

 This is the 9th year
for the 
Art of Quilting Show
which runs through May 31st
 at the Gilbert Arizona Museum
 My favorites were the
antique quilts on display.
As always, I love the stories
that accompany each quilt.
 Once Upon A Time
Blocks signed in 1899
Owned by Joyce Johnson
"This charming friendship quilt appears to have been 
embroidered by several different ladies,
as several of the blocks have signatures of different handwriting."
Once owned by Martha Piper, 
a Civil War Veteran's Widow.
 Dresden Plate
Donated to the Gilbert Historical Museum
 Hand Pieced
Hand Quilted
 High On The Wall
Shown by Beverly Rush
Hand Pieced 
Hand Quilted
This story made me laugh!
"On a vacation in Kentucky with our friends,
we stopped at an Antique Store where I saw this quilt
hanging high on the wall.
I asked the clerk if he would get it down for me.
As he did, my friend said she was also interested in it.
I told her I saw it first
and the clerk agreed.
Now it's mine. "
Tomorrow I will share with you more 
quilts from the Show.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Festive Cheer Quilt Finally Finished!

 Festive Cheer
 has been one of those quilts
that has been a work in progress for several years.
But, I'm happy to announce it's finally 
whooo hooo!
 Festive Cheer
pattern by Victoria Findlay Wolfe (Bumble Beans)
Instructions available in
Quilt Almanac 2012 
I might be a little late for Christmas 2012
but I like to think I'm just
very EARLY for Christmas 2014 :)
 I truly did love making this quilt.
One of the reasons it took me so long to finish
is because I 
hand appliqued 
all of the circles in the middle of each hexagon.
This seemed to be a continuous take along project
that was mainly accomplished during my
guild meetings.
 Festive Cheer is a great scrappy quilt.
I used left over greens from my stash
which makes it feel like a free quilt.
Each arch was paper pieced.
 Beautiful machine quilting by
 I love the 
hexagon-ie sides
(I'm sure hexagonie must be a word :)
 I was a little nervous about
putting on a bias binding
around all of those peaks and valleys
but it turned out fine.
Even the pointy edge along the bottom row
turned out OK.
 Happy Happy Happy Festive Cheer!